Music is a tool that can be used to enhance virtually every situation. More specifically, the right music at the right time can be used as a tool to enhance virtually every situation.

The right music at the right time can enhance virtually every situation. Click To Tweet

The movie Inception is accompanied by my absolute favorite soundtrack of all time, composed by the musical mastermind, Hans Zimmer. The movie itself is incredible, but it wouldn’t be nearly as impactful without the music – or with different music. Imagine the snowy mountain scenes from Inception to the theme music of Rugrats. Yeah…it just doesn’t work.

The same principles apply to enjoying deep conversation with fellow gentlemen. There is a time and place for Underoath’s Define the Great Line, but I would argue that a colloquy is not the time nor place. The accompanying soundtrack to a relaxing evening with dear friends should be mellow but not depressing, stimulating but not busy, and discernable but not overpowering.


The following playlist is a short example of one that meets the criteria mentioned above. Feel free to give it a listen here during your next colloquy. Don’t use Spotify? See the playlist below.

You’ll notice that these songs are from a variety of genres. I did this intentionally to encourage you in your quest for the perfect soundtrack for you and your fellow gentlemen. Almost every genre has songs that fit well within the guidelines listed above, so search around for the songs that are most fitting for your time together!

I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc
Life Keeps Moving On – Ben Rector
The Best Is Yet To Come – Michael Bublé
Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong
Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne
Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder
Slow It Down – The Lumineers
Static Waves – Feat. Katie Herzig – Andrew Belle
Something Like Olivia – John Mayer
That Great Day – Jonny Lang
Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
That Girl – Justin Timberlake
Pay Dearly – Johnnyswim
3 A.m. – Gregory Alan Isakov
My Only Swerving – El Ten Eleven

Let’s use the incredible art of music as a tool to enhance our lives as we use invaluable time with fellow gentlemen to do the same.

Music can be used as a tool to enhance invaluable time with fellow gentlemen. Click To Tweet

Mr. South