In Respect. In Integrity. In Transparency. Always Brothers.

The Society's Creed

The Distinguished Society of Fine Gentlemen is a group of men with a common commitment to slowing down in the midst of our otherwise busy realities.

Our passions are fine smokes and spirits; our purpose is people; and the conduit with which we experience the aforementioned is intentional time set aside for meaningful conversation.

A man’s legacy is largely defined by the impact he has in the lives of those around him. The Society’s vision is to foster an atmosphere of class and respect in which new and old relationships alike can be encouraged and strengthened.

It’s not a club or an association. It’s a way of life.

Somewhere along the way, living in relationship with the men around you got replaced by simply living next to them. Every member of the Distinguished Society of Fine Gentlemen understands exactly what that means, and why it’s so important that we begin to forge a different path.

This is our purpose: to press pause on our lives and even deeper into each other as we enjoy fine spirits, good smokes, and great men.

In respect. In integrity. In transparency. Always brothers.

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We strive to learn from the best of what’s behind us, while we look ahead to a new era altogether. The era of the Modern Day Gentleman.

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