Spring, such a beautiful and tumultuous time in Colorado. Finally it is warm enough to smoke outside, provided the weather holds and we don’t get snow tomorrow. And since smoking outside is the only option open to my friends and I, this is an exciting time indeed. Already the idea has been broached, “Let’s go for a smoke and walk.”

A quick look through the blogs I have written and you will find that slowing down is something that I regularly highlight. I believe it is critical to our health and sanity to approach life slower than our “Go, go, go,” society demands. Unfortunately a slow approach isn’t always an option. Which bring me back to my original point, the prospect of smoking outside is VERY EXCITING!

Like recently awoken bears, we have been roused from the slothful indifference of winter and have sprung into a flurry of activity with longer and warmer days. We run ourselves ragged with activity but our minds have also turned to a slow leisure activity.

Smoking necessitates slowness. It is the perfect balance to our desire for constant movement in our everyday lives. Let me say, you can smoke fast but you will regret it. Beyond the needed concern for not scorching your mouth, smoking necessitates slowness.

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When I think back on the memorable smokes that I have had, none of them were ever rushed. They were times set apart for the simple task of smoking and whatever leisure activity accompanied it. These other activities often also necessitated slowness such as walking, talking, reading, or simply being still and walking the halls of my mind.

When I think back on the memorable smokes that I have had, none of them were ever rushed. Click To Tweet

These times set apart for smoking are helpful to our sanity and relationships for two reasons:

  1. This is a simple activity that allows us to slow down and yet we can invite others into the time with us. It can be difficult to find a pastime that not only allows you to have mental break but can also involve other people. The only thing that it requires is time set apart for the task.
  2. Smoking is a reminder that time is fleeting. We need to make the most of what we have at time. Just as the most enjoyable tobacco burns and turns to ash so time is moving along leaving only memories and ash in its wake.

My recommendation to you, dear reader, is to set some time apart in the next week to enjoy a smoke. If it will help you rationalize and enjoy this slow time more, invite a friend over to enjoy the moment with you. If you simply need some time to yourself, I would highly recommend taking your favorite tobacco for a walk and enjoying this beautiful world we get to enjoy.

If you are looking for me, I’ll be out, pipe in hand, enjoying this beautiful warm weather while it lasts.

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