The Monday Sweet Spot – 10/10/2016

We’ve all hit that point during a smoke, usually about half way through, in which the cigar’s flavors and aromas open up and transform the experience into something far more rich, complex, and enjoyable.

In this moment, gentlemen, you’ve hit the “sweet spot”.

A moment that encourages you to open your senses, and to truly appreciate the experience that the smoke has ushered you into.

In the same way, it’s important to take time in our lives to slow down, and open our senses to the world around us. To take notice of the good things going on and the good people doing them.

These are life’s “sweet spots”, and your Monday could use one…

Teen Who Died Battling Cancer Gets Honored With Homecoming King Crown

These selfless students came together to honor a former classmate who died while battling cancer.

As a tribute to Nick Peters, a 17-year-old who died earlier in October, students at Harlingen High School in Texas recently voted him their homecoming king.

The teen’s mother, Judi Peters, told ABC News that the act spoke volumes.

“It was a big surprise and it made my heart full that young people put their own wants [aside],” she said. “I don’t know who would’ve wanted the king spot, but they sacrificed it so Nick could have it.”

At the homecoming dance last Friday, the late teen’s friend, senior Norman Torres, accepted the crown on Nick’s behalf, local outlet Valley Morning Star reported. When Torres danced with homecoming queen Luna Head, he said he could feel Nick’s presence.

“I knew he was there,” Torres told Valley Morning Star. “I am sure he was up there on the dance floor.”

Torres later presented the crown to Nick’s younger brother, Noah.

Nick Peters had battled leukemia three times in the course of seven years, his mom told The Huffington Post in an email. Back in April, he underwent a bone marrow transplant from his sister Ashley, however he died of complications from  the procedure.

Judi Peters told HuffPost that her son brought people together during his fight with cancer. His classmates’ beautiful gesture is just proof of his lasting impact on those around him.

“His journey inspired a community to pull together in the face of childhood cancer awareness,” she said. “His legacy will live on in so many ways. The students who elected him king promise hope for our future!”

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