The Monday Sweet Spot – 09/05/2016

We’ve all hit that point during a smoke, usually about half way through, in which the cigar’s flavors and aromas open up and transform the experience into something far more rich, complex, and enjoyable.

In this moment, gentlemen, you’ve hit the “sweet spot”.

A moment that encourages you to open your senses, and to truly appreciate the experience that the smoke has ushered you into.

In the same way, it’s important to take time in our lives to slow down, and open our senses to the world around us. To take notice of the good things going on and the good people doing them.

These are life’s “sweet spots”, and your Monday could use one…

Smiling Baby Gets Pampered By Troopers After Rescued From Car

A beautiful baby boy was given a warm bath and tons of extra attention by state troopers ― turning an otherwise nightmarish evening around.

The 1-year-old was discovered in the backseat of a car, covered in vomit, Tuesday evening in Princeton, West Virginia, State Police said, leading to a DUI arrest.

“As a father myself, I couldn’t let it sit in its own urine and feces and vomit,” Senior Trooper D.C. Graham, who responded to the scene, told WVNS-TV.

“So I went ahead and drew a bath in the sink of the detachment and was able to clean him up a little bit and get him feeling a little bit better.”

Trooper B.R. Wood told The Bluefield Daily Telegraph that the child is believed to have been unwell for some time.

He went on to call the child “the best little baby. He had just started to nod off when [Child Protective Services] arrived.”

“The baby has now been placed with a legal guardian,” he told the paper. “He is safe at this time and under the supervision of CPS.”

Police said the car’s occupant, who has not been identified, faces a charge of Driving Under the Influence with a minor.

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