We all experience seasons of our life where it seems everything is being thrown at us at once. You can probably remember a time in the not-so-distance past when you felt like all that you had on your plate left you completely under water.

These periods of life are inevitable, especially for those who are pressing into a life of substance, of impact, and of service. When you seek those kinds of experiences out, it can seem there is little time left to rest. I have gone back time and again in this blog to the topic of rest and how important it is in the life of the modern day gentleman. Though these last 6 months or so have truly challenged me to practice the words that I’ve written so often in this blog.

I am just now getting onto the other side of an extremely busy season of my life. I knew it would be busy, and I made as many preparations as I could going into it to ensure myself the best opportunity to perform the tasks ahead of me with excellence. As I evaluated different areas of my life to identify specific things that I could take off my plate during this busier time, this blog, much to my disappointment, was one of those areas I decided that I needed to step away from for a time.

I’m not going to go into all the details of what went into that decision, but I did want to spend a moment to let you know that I did not make that decision lightly. Listen…I’m fully aware that maybe 7 people read these articles when they post :). I’m not under any misconception that I’m changing the world talking about whiskey pairings or the “best ways to light a cigar”. But it is extremely important to me that I am a man of my word, and that I take my commitments seriously. I committed to this blog when we launched it, and I want to ensure that commitment is honored. If the time comes for me to stop writing and wrap things up here, I’m completely ok with that…but it will be a decision that is made intentionally and with good reason behind it, not simply because “life got too busy” or “it was too inconvenient to keep it going”. My decision to take a step back while I rode out a busier time was made specifically so that I could perform my other responsibilities with the excellence that they required. It was always my intention to return to writing articles when that season passed.

I do apologize if that was a bit of a ramble…but it truly was important to me that you heard my heart and my explanation for why I hadn’t been writing. Now that things are a bit calmer, I can return to posting articles. I am excited about what’s ahead for the Modern Day Gentleman blog and I look forward to continuing to use it as a conduit for meeting fine gentlemen in all walks of life, and allowing others to share what they have to offer. I believe as firmly as ever in the importance of gathering good men together for the purpose of living intentionally in their relationships with one another and calling each other to live lives of integrity, honesty, and service. So that’s what this blog will continue to strive to foster and enable. For as long as even one man may be impacted by the words written here, I think it’s worth the investment to press on.

I will be posting articles once a month going forward and as always will be connecting with fine gentlemen every chance I get so that they too can write in order to offer a variety of opinions and points of view.

Thank you (all 7 of you ;) ) for bearing with me as I got through this busy time. And thank you so much for being a part of the blog and supporting those that write here. I’m truly humbled by your participation.

Until Soon,