In this week’s article, I have no significant idea to share with you, or weighty proposition to wager. What I have to share is not revolutionary or ground-breaking. In fact, it’s rather mundane and ordinary.

In our last few articles we’ve focused on some heavy and challenging topics. We talked about living as a modern day gentleman who stands by his convictions. We discussed how to cultivate and maintain depth in your relationships with others. A week before that we dove into the importance of slowing down in thoughtful contemplation as you enjoy a good smoke.

This week, however, I want things to feel a bit different.

There are so many areas of our lives that demand intentional focus and thoughtful action. And yes, you are correct to pay close attention to those areas and to not take them lightly! As a modern day gentleman, you have a responsibility to ensure the weighty decisions of life are handled with the proper care and thoughtfulness.

Though there are still many areas of life where we should allow ourselves the total and complete freedom to take the world with one giant grain of salt. In other words, it’s important that we maintain a healthy balance of depth and of good ol’ fashioned tomfoolery.

Do not shy away from (rather…encourage!) moments and experiences that allow you to live healthfully in the moment and free of responsibility.

We do not value these opportunities in life highly enough. But my message to you today, fine gentlemen, is to seek those opportunities out and to soak them up for all they are worth while you are in them.

As with any pleasure…”all in moderation”. If we are indulging too frequently, we can find ourselves in a very selfish place. Over-indulgence almost always is a cover up for a disposition of selfishness. But if we are disciplined enough to enjoy leisure in it’s appropriate time, it can serve a very important purpose in our lives.

I’ve spoken very broadly about these “opportunities” I’ve described above. This is intentional.

The circumstances are too broad, and their applications to widespread, for me to recommend any specifics. This article is not meant to be a call-to-action. Rather, I hope it serves as a reminder, even as we fully recognize the importance of the “substance” of life, that it’s also important to turn off, and check out.

As you head into the weekend, keep this on the front of your mind. Be mindful of your life’s burdens and demands, and be intentional to step away from these things as your individual capacity calls for it.

Until Soon,