If you make it past the next paragraph of this blog post, you more than likely have what it takes to be a modern day gentleman.

But don’t read any further if you’re not a man who desires depth in his relationships, authenticity in his interactions, and the tools needed to carry himself with integrity and character.

Still with us?

Then welcome, good sir, to the official blog of The Society: The Modern Day Gentleman.

Regardless of how you found us, we are pleased to have you here.

We invite you to journey with us as we explore together the tools and resources that will help you to live as a true gentleman should.

Men like you are extremely important. We are treading on dangerous ground as a world paying less attention to sincerity, transparency, and integrity and more attention to “success”, fame, and immediate gratification.

There are so many wounding mentalities that we as men believe about who we are and how we are to carry ourselves.

The Distinguished Society of Fine Gentlemen intends to push back against those false identities with a commitment to the principles and values that have been exemplified by so many in our past, and continue to be carried on by good men still today.

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost our ability to slow down, and unplug from our daily commitments. To build each other up in edifying discussion. To take our promises seriously. To be courageously strong and unrelentingly passionate in our convictions, but to forgive quickly and love with grace, humility, and kindness. To absorb the wisdom of our elders, and to lead well by passing that wisdom on to others.

The purpose behind the Distinguished Society of Fine Gentlemen, along with this blog, is to begin to shift our focus off of things that are fleeting, and on to things that are significant, worthwhile, and lasting.

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This blog is not intended to be a soapbox used only to advocate for a return to the ideals of the past while we ignore the unique challenges and obstacles that the modern day gentleman faces.

Instead, while we learn from what’s behind us, we will look ahead to the beginning of a new era altogether.

So join us in the journey as we all call ourselves to a higher standard, and together, enter into a new generation of the modern day gentleman.

Brandon Reed

Founding Member at The Distinguished Society of Fine Gentlemen
"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy." - Norman Schwarzkopf